Cool or Interesting Sarkari jobs

Our team at have compiled a list of interesting sarkari jobs that you might like. Just because they are government jobs doesn’t mean that they can’t be cool or interesting. Here are some of the ‘coolest’ government job profiles across a wide range of departments –

Coast Guard

This role is one of the most prestigious jobs that you can get.  Its like being in a small navy due to their fleet. The coast guards’ role is to patrol the coasts and monitor for any illegal charter activities such as smuggling, illegal migration, Foreign Invaders/Enemy and so on.

They specialise in search and rescue missions. These are the guys you will call if you are stuck out in the ocean with just a phone in your hand.

Custom Officer

This job will have you working with the Custom department of India. An interesting role to work in as you are given quite a lot of power. You are the sole person who can deny or allow items to enter in to the country as per the laws of the country. You will come across suspicious items, smuggled gold bars, contraband and other variety of items. You will be a smugglers worst nightmare and you must be diligent in your role to spot suspicious or unordinary items. You get to wear a clean white uniform. You must have seen them around, they are everywhere. You see these customs officers at airports, Borders and Sea ports where trade occurs.

SEBI Officer

‘SEBI’ stands for Securities and Exchange Board of India. Working for ‘SEBI’ means that you may end up in a department that deals with legal, surveillance, Compliance, Corporate finance, investigation , Market regulation and development of markets. For instance if something goes awry in the corporate world and it is detected by the SEBI, this is where they will come in and hold them accountable. They hold the power to fine them and break down their business plans, and damage their reputation. SEBI is a great place to acquire a prestigious job which will put in the middle of the inner workings of the corporate world. You will get trained and compensated for the training.

Cargo Auction Officer

The job is with Airport Authority of India. Your role will be to assist customers in finding their lost luggage. A recent survey has shown that in 2014, a whooping 22 million bags of flyers around the world were mishandled by airlines. These bags all cannot be returned to their owners.

Any unclaimed luggage will be auctioned off. This may include a variety of items which could be jewellery, gadgets, toys and so on.

Researcher at DRDO

DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organisation) is the government agency which is in charge of the military’s research and development for India. DRDO is headquartered in New Delhi, India. As a researcher, this is the place where awesome high tech (James bond type) gadgets and weapons are developed for India’s security personnel.

DRDO is the most diverse research organisation in India and covers many fields. The major ones include land combat engineering, aeronautics, naval systems, materials, electronics, armaments and missiles. DRDO has a massive budget of 150 billion INR so funding is not an issue.

Remember Q in James bond? The guy that got to make all those cool gadgets, well doing this job, you are pretty much doing that and you get salary. What more can you ask for?

Photographer in Photo Division of India

This is one of those rare jobs that many wouldn’t even consider but it a very cool government job that you could do. Press Trust of India is the government department and a huge majority of the its photos are taken by the photographers working under Photo Division of India. The photographers will also get opportunities to travel with the convoys of Ministry of External Affairs and if you are in luck, you could even travel with and photograph Prime Minister. That just awesome!

Intelligence Bureau Officer

Intelligence Bureau is India’s Intelligence agency which deals with national law and order and investigation. As an officer you will have to handle mostly domestic threats.  These guys are smart and techy. One of Intelligence Bureau’s strong suits is their ability to conduct surveillance, physical surveillance especially; These include bugging rooms, carrying out covert jobs such as entering buildings to obtain info)

This will be an awesome job to have which many would love to be a part of.